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The Technique

Body stress release uses information provided by the body to determine where stored tension is undermining the efficiency of the nervous system and disturbing the body’s ability to co-ordinate its functioning. 

The practitioner locates body stress by using the body as a bio-feedback mechanism. Gentle pressure tests are conducted, working along the clients spine and other areas of the body. The results of the tests are ‘read’ by the practitioner, observing the muscular responses while holding the clients feet. This is known in BSR terms as ‘reading the monitor.’ A person with body stress may also feel tense, tired and lacking in energy and enthusiasm for life. Headaches, backache and indigestion may follow. It is also possible for body stress to be present without the individual feeling any pain or stiffness- you will simply come to accept as normal the sense of having less than 100 percent wellbeing. Tense muscles put pressure on nerves disturbing the body’s communication system and reducing the efficiency of the natural healing process.As we differ in our emotional and physical makeup, we have varying degrees of susceptibility to stress overload. 

Once the sites of body stress are located, the practitioner releases the tension by hand, using light but definite pressure. Certain areas may feel quite sensitive; however some people find the releases so relaxing that they fall asleep. The body may let go of locked-in tension rapidly but if stress has been stored for a long time, more releases may be required over a period of time. This is because the tight, protective layers of muscle tend to relax back to their normal tone in stages. 

BSR complements traditional medicine  

The Body Stress Release technique is a complementary technique that gently stimulates the body's own healing process and is not an alternative to allopathic or traditional medicine.  

BSR practitioners in South Africa have developed positive professional relationships with the medical world.  General Practitioners, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Paediatricians, Cardiologists and other specialists have referred patients for BSR and in many instances surgery has been avoided.  Clients who are on medication are always advised to keep in close contact with their doctor. As BSR stimulates the body's self-healing power, the doctor may find that the dose needs to be reduced. This may apply to diabetics, those with high blood pressure or asthma.  Referrals are also made from BSR practitioners to Doctors. If a BSR practitioner notices that something is hindering the healing process or working against it, the client is advised to seek medical investigation and possible screening. A client's mind can then be put at rest. If no underlying cause is found, often the symptoms may be attributed to locked-in body stress.   Clients undergoing BSR may find that as the body starts to heal itself, the various medications they have been taking to suppress pain or discomfort, may no longer be required.