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Body Stress Release for Vulvodynia, Vaginismus and Vistibulodynia

Body Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to help your body to release stored tension from the muscles and stimulate the body’s natural self-healing ability.

Body Stress Release and Vulval Pain

Body Stress Release practitioners have worked with many women suffering from vulvodynia / vestibulodynia / vaginismus and other related conditions. The majority of them have achieved significant relief from their pain and discomfort, which in some cases, they had been experiencing for many years.

BSR practitioners have noticed in some women that there is a common link between a previous back and/or coccyx injury and the subsequent onset of vulval pain. We have found that releasing tension in the lower back, sacrum, coccyx and pelvic areas encourages the vulval and pelvic floor muscles to relax, which in turn leads to a reduction in pain.

A significant proportion of the women we have seen also reported other symptoms of stored stress including IBS, indigestion, constipation, recurring urinary infections and cramps, all of which have improved with Body Stress Release.

Some examples of past injuries sustained include falling down stairs, falling off a horse, slipping on ice, and skiing and sporting accidents. A few women have also developed vulval pain or vaginismus following surgery. For some women, a substantial period of time elapsed between injury and the onset of vulval pain or tightness when their bodies reached a state of stress overload. A high percentage of women were originally diagnosed and treated for either cystitis or thrush.

The pudendal nerve is the motor nerve originating from the sacrum carrying signals to and from the urethra, genitals and the anal area. Tight or painful muscles that originate in the middle and lower back also insert into the pelvic area and may exert pressure on these nerve pathways. Tension in any of these areas may result in a burning feeling, loss of sensation, numbness, tightness, a stabbing, knife-like or aching pain.

How Body Stress Release has Helped Women with Vulval Pain

Provoked Vulval Pain and Constipation A 53 year woman who had hurt her coccyx as a child. She was also experiencing work related stress and was referred to her BSR practitioner by a gynaecologist.

At the first appointment she reported provoked vulval pain, a stiff and painful lower back, tight shoulders and neck, headaches, indigestion, constipation, cramps and pins and needles in her feet. After the 5th appointment all of the symptoms apart from the vulval pain had improved. After the 11th appointment the vulval pain had noticeably improved. By the 13th appointment she was able to have intercourse and was no longer suffering with constipation. She continues to have maintenance sessions on a regular basis.

Vulval Pain and IBS

A 38 year old woman who had been experiencing vulval pain for over 2 years and was referred to her BSR practitioner by a gynaecologist.

At the first appointment she reported that she was also suffering from lower back pain, IBS, indigestion and an irregular menstrual cycle. She was also experiencing cramps in her calf muscles, tight shoulders and frequent headaches. After the 5th appointment her vulval pain improved and she was able to have intercourse. After the 6th appointment, she reported that her menstrual cycle was more regular and after the 12th appointment all her other symptoms had cleared. She now has regular BSR maintenance sessions every 4 to 6 weeks.

Provoked Vulval Pain and Vaginismus

A 29 year old woman who broke her coccyx 3 years previously developed vulval pain. She was referred to her BSR practitioner by a specialist nurse.

At the first appointment she reported provoked vulval pain, vaginismus, IBS, indigestion, tight neck and shoulders, a stiff and painful lower back and pain in her left leg and hip.

After the 3rd appointment her stiff neck and shoulders, indigestion and IBS had all improved. After the 6th appointment her hip was better and there was a slight improvement in her vulval pain.

After the 9th appointment all her symptoms had cleared and she is now able to enjoy regular intercourse, experiencing very little discomfort. She continues to have monthly BSR maintenance sessions.