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Gwen and Paul Masureik

Body Stress Release practitioners Gwen & Paul Masureik are here to help you.

Paul and Gwen are both passionate about Body Stress Release having first experienced it 17 years ago whilst visiting their families in Cape Town. Gwen’s Mum had suggested she go and see a BSR practitioner, a technique everyone was talking about as she had continued to suffer with severe lower back pain after having their daughter 6 years earlier. Feeling so much better Gwen convinced Paul to go as well. Originally very sceptical about trying a new technique that he had never heard of, the extreme discomfort he was experiencing in his shoulder convinced him it was worth trying and he could not believe that after only a few releases his shoulder was as good as new. There was no stopping him, within days he had enquired about studying to become a BSR practitioner and applied to do the course. Four months later he was on his way back to South Africa to do the 5 month full time course at the BSR Academy in the Wilderness on the Garden Route.

It was the most amazing course, a life changing experience, so much so that Gwen was always very keen to change her career and do the course when the time was right. It was 10 years later in 2008 that Gwen finally said goodbye to nearly 29 years in the Airline industry to go and study at the BSR Academy in the Wilderness, South Africa. Returning 5 months later to open her practice alongside Paul offering their clients a choice of seeing either a male or female practitioner.

Paul and Gwen both feel,

“every day is special and every day brings its rewards. Seeing the improvement in our clients and their delight as they are able to enjoy life so much more after experiencing Body Stress Release is such a joy. Even the most sceptical who have persevered have been blown away by the miracle which is the human body and its ability to heal itself with the help of Body Stress Release.

We do not advertise as our best adverts are our clients who are constantly referring members of their families, friends and anyone they feel might benefit from BSR. Even some of the medical profession is delighted with the results they have seen and so refer their patients to us.

All our clients are unique and special to us. Over the years we have met some amazing and wonderful people from all walks of life, all with different complaints, all wanting to improve their lives. Their sheer delight as they begin to feel the improvement is our best reward.

We are both involved in the establishing of the BSR Academy – Europe, the first Academy outside of South Africa. The first course will run annually from November to March each year beginning in November 2014 with the assistance of Gail Meggersee one of the original co-founders of Body Stress Release. This will cater for the demand in growth of BSR in the UK and Europe. “

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